Could your tired-looking lids be something more?


Alice is a very busy woman. Between her career, her family, and her weekend hobbies, her schedule is always slammed. But Alice knows how important a good night's rest is for her health and her appearance, so she follows a very consistent sleep schedule. Unfortunately, even with a regular 8-hours every night, she keeps waking up and seeing tired-looking eyelids when she checks in the mirror. Plus, she keeps getting comments from friends and co-workers that she looks a little run-down. What's the deal with that?

If you relate to Alice's struggle, you both might have what's called acquired ptosis, or low-lying lids. Ptosis occurs when the muscles and connective tissues that lift the upper eyelid stretch and weaken, leaving the upper lid to hang down, impeding the iris of the eye. This droop can lead to all sorts of issues, like eye asymmetry, a sleepy-looking appearance, vision issues, and even headaches or neck pain.

Believe it or not, acquired ptosis is actually very common, with millions of people having it but few actually being diagnosed. Lots of things can cause low-lying lids, such as ocular surgery and wearing contact lenses, but one of the most common causes is aging. Low-lying lids may start with subtle changes but can progress and become more noticeable over time.

Are you tired of looking tired, even when you're not? It might be time to talk to your healthcare provider about addressing acquired ptosis and taking back your well-rested appearance!